Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Oops" Moments with the Movers

1. I accidentally packed up my Yankees jersey in one of the boxes we won't see for a month or more. Though I've had it for over a year, I've actually never worn it for fear of the rampant Yankee-hating that is a staple of every city's culture outside of NYC. I was looking forward to sporting Mariano Rivera's number in sports bars all over NY this month in hopes of creating the illusion that A) I am a real New Yorker and B) I know something about baseball.

2. I took the Lord's name in vain (twice) in front of a mover who introduced himself as Reverend Jarret. I apologized both times, and I'm now praying that he won't "lose" our stuff.

3. I keep all of our past Halloween costumes in a Rubbermaid container, and, for lack of a better storage option in our tiny San Diego apartment, I keep that container under our bed. Well, when Reverent Jarret lifted up the mattress to find a box full of feather boas, a cop costume, a jailbird shirt, a pirate hat, a flapper dress, and various other get-ups, he undoubtedly thought that we were more exciting than we actually are. I left the room immediately and tried to avoid him for the rest of the day.

4. Cali chewed a hole in our Aerobed, so we'll be spending the next two nights sleeping on the hardwood floor.

5. We seem to have severely overestimated how much crap will actually fit into our cars, so the post office is the first stop tomorrow morning.


  1. Ha ha ha! #3. I thought you were going to say that the movers accidentally took all of your clothing EXCEPT the costumes, and that you and Danny would be hitting the road in a flapper dress and cop costume. Also a funny image.

    May the road rise up to meet you! You must be in CO, or nearly so, by now. I hope it's beautifully relaxing.

  2. number 3 is priceless! love it!

  3. Ha! I'm picturing us driving through the bible belt in costume... We actually saw a billboard today that read "Jesus saves. Pornography destroys."

  4. Shannon, Mariano Rivera is one of my heroes!!! I married a die-hard Yankees fan (is there any other kind?). I finally bookmarked your blog and have enjoyed reading it this morning! Keep it up, I want to hear firsthand about the insanity of apartment hunting in NYC.

    I am a sucker for romance and stories of broken people lost in their twenties (kind of my own genre) but you should check out Remember Me - total tear jerker; there is this priceless dinner table scene discussing the Yankees with a Mets fan and it is quite funny.

    Miss you, I laughed when I remember how in your last month here we thought about how much we should have been hanging out and didn't - be fearless in your new "home" and ask out some girls! :)


  5. We're off this morning to look at apartments for the first time! I just hope I can figure out the subways/trains because I have to meet the broker there! :) I'll add Remember Me to my summer reading list too! xo