Thursday, June 17, 2010

JBJ: Words of Wisdom

My feelings for Jon Bon Jovi have always fallen somewhere between sacred reverence and girlish crush – which is perhaps why I am willing to give him the intellectual benefit of the doubt when I consider his choice of song title “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” I like to believe that his choice of interrogative vs. declarative sentence was Purposeful and Significant.  I like the idea that he is not exactly saying, “Yes, you can go home,” though the question seems to have that connotation. He also isn’t saying that you can’t -- he’s simply asking, “Who says you can’t go home?” Because I’m asking that question myself right now as my husband and I prepare to leave southern California after seven years of being San Diegans to resume our status as native New Jerseyans (and possibly become New Yorkers), I am intrigued by his query. This blog is an attempt to nibble away at the edges of that question.

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  1. Shannon- We're here in the frigid UCSD computer lab, first week of SI coming to an end, great WRG's and an intense week, and we all heard some Eric Clapton a few mornings back and probably half of us have been writing about him or other iconic soundscapes from different parts of our lives. As I imagine your drive and resettling on the East Coast, I can trigger memories, auditory and gustatory (blueberries, blueberry pie, mint ice cream & fried clams from the NJ Turnpike HoJo's..).
    Sooo many memories.
    We miss you already and can't wait to hear more about Le Grande Adventure. XXX